Our families and care providers are critical members to the treatment and success of their loved ones. Research indicates that parents and care providers can become effective members of a treatment team through a variety of instructional methods, most importantly, hand-on training. 

Family Training:  

One-on-one instruction to families to help them better meet the needs of their child that is provided by professional staff with the child present. Parents can see and experience first-hand effective ways to build and reinforce skills and reduce challenging behavior by staff demonstrating intervention and reinforcement strategies specific to the child. 

Family Education:  Available to help families gain knowledge and feel better equipped to meet the needs of a child with a developmental disability. Family Education occurs in a group classroom setting with courses that are facilitated by professional staff with specific expertise in topic areas. Family Education also provides an opportunity for families to get together to share their own experiences and learn from each other.

Imagine’s team of professionals focus on providing hands-on training to all family members on the

interventions and techniques that prove to be successful in

supporting a child or adult in their life.


Training can occur through a variety of modalities such as class room instruction, in the moment feedback, role playing, group/team training meetings and progressive development of skills. Each family's unique values, goals and personal preferences will always be incorporated

into the training approach. 

The professionals from Imagine strive for each family member to feel successful with each intervention strategy or method of support. Increasing a family's own skill set and knowledge base is a key to success for all team members involved.